Undying - Imperium Britannica

Night of Blood


- Elgin performs his ritual. He drains 20 blood points out of a dozen afflicted citizens with the help of Dr. Duncan, Jeffrey and Berthe. He spills their blood across the roof-tops as a demon rides and guides him to the clergyman who burned Martin Nelson. He scoops him up and takes him to Anna, who he persuades to bring it to Claudia immediately, which she does.

- Dorian goes hunting and sups on a well-fed merchant he tails from the docks. Terrorizing him a little. He sends a short note to Claudia, asking her to wait.

- Quinn finds an opium addict in his den and consumes some blood as well – leaving him ill. He sends a missive to Rose – asking her to attend him at one of his dens of her choosing. He also sends a long missive to Claudia – telling her how he has a plan, and he hopes she will listen, and reminding her of past debts.

- When Dorian visits Claudia Anna is already there and explains that Dorian's pack-member Luther is the culprit (having used his people to tip off the priest). Dorian agrees – and explains there is an even worse plot. He and Anna argue over who Claudia should 'trust' and Dorian is persuasive. Claudia will hear him out. She demands he bring Edward.

- Elgin dines on a languishing prostitute in his club – via her femoral artery.

- Quinn sets his affairs in order; arranging for multiple signals and dead-man's switches in the event of different outcomes from the coming confrontation.  He also visits Lydia and tells her much blood will be spilt – giving her a goblet full of his own should she choose to bargain on his behalf.

- Dorian visits Edward and has his join his pack – insisting Quinn will forgive his debt. Demands Edward will fight Rose if Dorian asks. Edward would rather fight that continue current life and agrees.

- Dorian and Elgin meet and Dorian tries to persuade Elgin into his pack. Agree to work towards Rose's demise.

- Quinn meets with Rose, according to plan, but Dorian rides up with Elgin, Edward and Luther and tells them they will all be going to Claudia's.

- At Claudia's Elgin shows Claudia his proof that Rose was behind the fire five years ago. Claudia demands Dorian punish her. He sics his pack on her, who can barely overcome her, but holds back himself – taking the opportunity to try and take out Anna. They rush at each other. Dorian expects Quinn to be at his side. But Quinn, and Elgin, are standing on the side-lines in intense discussion. Anna lays Dorian out, branding him a Pariah. It's as she is about to demand further submissions that Elgin and Quinn strike at Claudia. Their combined strength overpowers her and Quinn especially has shown his mettle. A new princeps is assumed.


- Players did a good job of being different types of Vampire, but had a hard time being a cold self-serving monster in different tones myself.

- When do I activate GM moves? No obvious pre-conditions. Just let PCs say what they wanted to do next and that provided plenty of momentum. But not enough threat? Could maybe have managed to deplete dice-pools more – would have made final combat more interesting. In general worried that actions had too few consequences.

- Other player stated concern/confusion about imbalance in NPC blood vs PC blood.

- Other player expressed discontent with disconnect between hunt/feed (suggested could be combined) and rest of play.

- Three sessions very good for this micro-campaign. Not sure how much longer could spin it.

- What happens to a Pariah if their debt-holder dies?

- What’s should the authentic ‘princeps becoming’ mechanism be?

Favourite Bits:
- Oh that sweet, sweet betrayal of Quinn’s at the end!
- And the sweet, sweet preceding betrayal of Dorian of ‘The Plan’ just beforehand!
- Femoral artery!
- Dorian’s disdain at using the coach.
- Elgin’s roof-top blood dance.
- Quinn’s many, many fallbacks!

Night of Blood

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