Claudia Lewis


Has ruled for 100 years. Currently hunts in Stamford Hospital.
Grudge: Rival: Elgin – envies his dark powers.
Enemy: Dorian – for supporting Pariah’s
Owes major: Rose – who helped her overthrow the old Princeps; the Final Feast.
Ambition: Reduce Dorian to Plebian.

Agenda: Persuade Quinn to assert dominance over Dorian.
- Offer Quinn a major debt to leave the pack/betray the pack.
- Persuade him to do so openly so can capitalize on dominance; raising Quinn to Patrician.

Agenda: Find the source of Elgin’s power
- Use one of her coterie to lure one of Elgin’s blood slaves away.
- Wait until Elgin’s hold wears off.
- Probe them for details about Elgin’s dark rituals.

Blood: 10


Claudia Lewis

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