Some notes on past, present and future events…

1815ish: Napoleon defeated. The British Empire will face no other major threats for 100 years.

1811-1926: East India Company expands throughout Asia. In 1839 20000 chests of opium are withheld from the EIC by the Chinese government. This triggers the First Opium War which Britain wins, resulting in the annexation of Hong Kong.

1850-1900ish: The Crown starts to take ever more control of the EIC. Also several famines in India make the people restless.

1854-1856: The only war that occurs during the 'Pax Britannica' – period of peace with Britain occupying the waters of the world. The Crimean War – in which Britain allies with France to trounce Russia who has moved in on the Balkan. They win unilterally.

1902: The British Empire, around the globe, is linked with the telegraph. It's called the All Red Line.


Undying - Imperium Britannica eddi