Lore Moves

Create: When a human dies with blood in their veins, they become a new predator. They awaken a starving, bloodthirsty fiend.

Decay: When a predator is destroyed, its body disintegrates, leaving only a chalky film of ash.

Destroy: When you obliterate a predator’s body or when you put torch to their body, consuming it with purifying fire, or when you bathe their body in the Sun’s holy rays, you destroy that predator.

Drink: When a predator drinks blood from their prey, the sensation is pure ecstasy and the predator gains sustenance. Drinking preserved blood tastes like cellophane decay, but will do. Drinking animal blood tastes like cat piss, and you must drink it by the gallon to have any relief from your hunger.

Eat: When you mimic your prey by eating their food and drink, you gain no sustenance at all and it tastes like bitter ashes of wormwood and lye.

Heal: When a predator's body is damaged or scorched, they may spend Blood to heal themselves at a cost set by the GM.

Hinder: When a predator is confronted with a holy symbol brandished by one of the faithful, or consecrated ground, untarnished by evil, or entrance to a home, owned by its occupants, without their permission to enter, the GM says what they must do and how much blood they must spend to overcome the hindrance. 

Slumber: When the sun’s rays grace the earth, the weight of the predator’s curse is heaviest. Predators may will themselves ambulatory during the day by spending 1 blood per waking hour.

Lore Moves

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