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Wolf Slain



- Over the next five years, suspicion of foul creatures lurking in the dark increased among the populace. People say they heard the shrieks of demons in the fire, that clergymen were missing, that monsters tore innocent citizens apart. The Church is everywhere and the torches of the common folk burn bright against the night.

- Princeps Claudia bankrolls two other vampires, conquers new hunting grounds, and bolsters Dorian.

- Patrician Dorian interferes with Rose and improves his hunting grounds – making them less aware. He also recruits Luther to his pack.

- Patrician Rose solely improves her hunting grounds. (Possibly also interfered with Rose.)

- Plebian Martin adds Elgin to his pack.

- Plebian Elgin muckraked Rose – finding out that she was the one who set the fire to burn the Princeps. He also improved his hunting grounds, raising awareness.

- Plebian Luther hinders Dorian – feeding information back to Rose about how someone is interfering with her plans. He also tries to improve his business.

- Quinn bankrolls to receive a minor debt from the Nighmare Patrician Lydia and then upcharges it to a major debt. [I believe.]

- Plebian Anna murders Sarah.

- Pariah Edward interferes with Quinn, who he loathes. [I believe.]

Nightly Play

- The Princeps has called a sudden meeting because her favourite hunter, Martin Nelson, has been murdered. Someone led the prey Church to his lair and they staked and burned him. She demands to know who it was. Whoever finds out for her shall be granted Sireship rights.

- Dorian talked to Sonia, Martin's pack member. She says she knows nothing.

- Elgin talks to Sonia – they agree that whoever finds out who killed Martin gets to be pack leader and will owe? a major debt to the other.

- Quinn agrees to meet with Rose later and talks to Elgin.

- Quinn waits for Rose in on of his shops. Dorian attempts to follow her as a bat, but she sniffs him out. He decides to leave her before she identifies him.

- Quinn and Rose discuss the state of affairs. She suggests that she would appreciate a change in leadership. That all of this scrutiny is a sign of a poor princeps. Quinn is very sympathetic.

- Dorian goes hunting. He finds someone mugging a man down near his docks and sucks the man dry after he slits the other's throat. He makes it look like a second killing – none will be the wiser.

- Elgin seduces Doctor Howard Duncan of King's College and his nephew Jeffrey into assisting in a novel new experiment that will cure people of their maladies, through bleeding. He arranges for them, and their assistant Berthe Hochshield to join him at the Boatman's club the following night to perform the experiment. Berth will make a mistake.

- Quinn finds Lydia and patiently watches her finish a blood ritual before asking her what it she would most like to see happen in the current state of affairs. She wants Rose dead and gone. She is jealous of Rose for being granted birthing rites when she herself has none. She is covetous of Quinn. She hates he princeps and wishes to stay out of everything. Quinn agress to help her despite herself.

- Quinn meets with Dorian and then with Elgin. He discusses with them his plan, his elaborate plan, to bring Rose to a place where Claudia can overhear her admit to wanting Claudia dead and then see her killed. There are, perhaps, more plans on top of this plan.

- Dorian finds Martin. Better, Martin finds Dorian, gloating about how he has done their pack a service by eliminating Martin. He is confidant that Dorian won't betray his pack.


Couple of rules confusions for me:
- Worried that shouldn’t have allowed pack member to not be wolves. No clarification in rules.
- Not certain about how to become Princeps. Seems like we might make our own Lore move for it?
- Do I go through the plot and scheme move for all the NPCS in downtime? Takes a long time.

Favourite Bits:
- Elgin’s plan for his blood ritual! So Victorian! So cool!
- Man the convoluted scheming of Quinn. It’s so elaborate and twisted.
- Dorian’s steady and deliberate accrual of power. Can’t wait to see this play out!

Wolf Slain

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